About myself

I’ve been working as a web developer since the beginning of 2016.

I’m from Japan, currently residing in Australia.

The technologies I’m familiar with include…


Back end: PHP with Laravel (strongest skill), Node.js with Express (beginner)

Front end: React.js, Angular.js (not Angular)

DB: MySQL, MongoDB (beginner)

OS: Linux, Mac

Server: Nginx

How I ended up working as a web developer

In 2009, I graduated from university with a degree in Law and began to work for a property management company in Tokyo. Before I went to university, I thought that getting a Law degree would give me many job opportunities. This assumption wasn’t wrong, but doing so didn’t make me happy.

I wanted to work in the tech industry as an engineer. When I was a university student, I learned the basics of HTML and PHP. Making a website was much more fun than studying law. I would often ask myself this question. “Is it possible to change my career by teaching myself programming or getting another degree?”

On top of that, in those days, I was obsessed with visiting foreign countries and meeting people from other countries. I wished I was able to get a job abroad. However, working abroad seemed too challenging to me at that time, since I didn’t know any foreign language nor did I have any skills useful outside of Japan.

In early 2010, I stumbled on a very old book on Amazon, which was all about the cultural differences between Japan and Australia from a Japanese expat’s point of view. This book made me curious about living in Australia. More importantly, this book taught me that living abroad isn’t something special.

In late 2010, living in a tiny typical Japanese apartment, I started to live very frugally to save money for studying abroad, while learning English and programming by myself.

In 2015, I got a degree in IT in Australia. Ever since then, I’ve been working as a web developer.

About this blog

This blog is mainly about recording my learning experience.

After reading Cal Newport’s “So good they can’t ignore you”, I decided to write down what I’ve just learned in my own words, so that…

A. I can consolidate and check my understanding

B. I can refer to it when it’s necessary (and hopefully someone else can use it as a reference too)

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Social Media

I can be contacted via GitHub or LinkedIn.